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Vietnam, from its natural beauty to its warm & friendly people, its just fantastic!

1. 1. 2010

Lying on the eastern part of the Indochinese peninsula, Vietnam is a strip of land shaped like the letter S. China borders it to the north, Laos and Cambodia to the west, the East Sea to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the east and south.


Egypt stimulates the imagination.

1. 12. 2009

Egypt stimulates the imagination of visitors like few other countries and is probably one of the most popular tourist destinations world-wide.


Dominican Republic

1. 11. 2009

Domincan Republic is a recognized tourist destination, with magnificent beaches and resorts, vast extensions of white sand and clear, sparkling waters.


Summer is around the corner ... Planning that vacation. Need to lose that extra baggage fast ???

10. 5. 2009

It's that time of the year when weight loss or finding that 5 factor diet or quick weight loss article comes to mind. We all want to look fit and slim and lose weight fast to show off that latest swim wear. Or maybe it's fat loss to feel healthy and ready for lots of summer fun. Read to find out the best weight loss solution and be on the way to lose those extra kilos fast and safe and to a healthy weight ... forever !!! Here's the ultimate fat loss tip ..


Booking Flights Online Is Easy As A-B-C

7. 5. 2009

With Art Of Travel and its esteemed partners, booking flights online is a breeze.


Looking for someone dear to you or just wondering who was calling you?

1. 5. 2009

As part of Art Of Travel's community service, we provide you with resources on relevant issues such as People Search, Phone lookup. Finding a friend or a loved one you haven't seen for ages has gotten easier these days.


Finding a home away from home has never been easier

26. 3. 2009

With thousands of carefully selected hotels to choose from, there's always a "home away from home" for everyone. Whether it's a one night city stopover, or a few weeks in a white sandy beach just lazing under the sun.


What is the weather in Czech Republic? 5 sites to check the weather forecast

28. 12. 2008

When you're traveling somewhere, you often want to know the weather. Is it sunny? Is it going to rain? Is there any snow? Presenting our five favourite weather forecast websites for you to check the weather.


How many countries can you name in 5 minutes?

30. 11. 2008

There are almost three hundred countries and teritories around the world. How many of them do you know? And, moreover, how many of them are you able to write down in under 5 minutes?


Dancing around the world

11. 11. 2008

As far as travelers go, Matt is a unique example. Not because he travels for a living and got paid for all his traveling. But because, thanks to blogs and video sharing sites, he has become one of the internet's celebrities. And all he did was start a dance craze ...


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