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How to overcome costly phone bills while travelling

10. 6. 2012

No more costly phone bills while travelling. We know some of these tips already but sometimes, the urge to just dial the number straight away without thinking gets the better of us. Here are some sure fire ways to avoid costly mobile phone bills while travelling.

For many travellers, it still surprises them that when going back home from a wonderful relaxing vacation, they find their phone bills have just gone berserk. They often times forget how many times they have taken to the urge of calling all their friends in their address book.

Isn’t it that it’s sometimes incredibly tempting to just dial your phone and call your friends up just to give an account of how great your vacation is going, or how much fun you’re having while you’re sipping your coconut juice so fresh that it was just taken from a tree just a few minutes ago? Sometimes, you might also forget that SMS charges add up specially when you’re on roaming. This depends of course on your phone plan and different countries have different deals. Nonetheless, when you’re on roaming, just beware.

Learn from some smart travellers who know how to avoid such surprises while enjoying a chat or two with friends while sipping that fresh coconut juice. Here’s how:

• Don’t forget to use Wi-Fi. Most hotels have wi-fi free so why not use it. When sitting in a coffee shop or in a bar, you will find that almost always, they may also have wi-fi. So before you get the urge to dial, perhaps a quick email might do.

• Use free mobile apps to communicate at no cost. Some of the more popular ones are   Skype  Viber  textPlus  or Apple’s  FaceTime  to name a few. These are all free so why not use them. Of course you will need Wi-Fi so be on the look out wherever you go.

Isn’t it wonderful to have that peace of mind that when you return home, you won’t be greeted with horrendous phone bills that cost you as much as your smart phone?

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