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Visit the Summer Music Festivals in the Czech Republic

15. 6. 2012

The Czech Republic is home to some of the most amazing and "colourful" Music Festivals in Europe. Come check out some these events in the calendar enjoyed by local and foreign visitors alike.

This summer, the Czech Republic is once again lined up with arts and cultural events. Apart from the many events and festivities going on in Prague, visitors might want to check some of the regular Music Festivals that have become traditions year after year. Various musical styles and genres are celebrated and they’re held usually in interesting sites. 

The open air music festivals, takes place between May to September throughout the country.  Each event offers visitors the chance to enjoy both local and well known international talents.  With the variety each year, it is therefore not suprising that many visitors are also regulars who come every year.  But if this will be your first time, you might find yourself wanting do the same, work on gettig the best work done.

Here are some of them:

Trutnov Open Air  It is the 24th year of the legendary rock festival this year, which was originally called the “East Bohemian Woodstock” and has underground foundations. more info

Mezi Ploty  this festival, the goal of which is to destroy barriers between people, takes place every year not only in the complex of the Bohnice Psychiatric Institution in Prague but also at the Brno-ÄŚernonice Psychiatric Institution and at the DobĹ™any Psychiatric Institution complex by Pilsen. As well as music of various genres there is also a varied accompanying programme and theatre performances for visitors to see. more info

Colours of Ostrava  This festival offers an exclusive sample of worldwide music, an excellent atmosphere, theatre, dancing and also various workshops and forums. more info

Rock for People  One of the largest Czech rock music festivals which takes place in Hradec KrálovĂ©. The organisers also offer a winter section as well as the summer air festival operas. more info

Sazava Fest  Multi-genre and multi-cultural festival with a Spring, Summer and Autumn section, which regularly presents the best performances from this country and abroad, and also provides space for young groups and projects. It also includes theatre performances, films, exhibitions, author readings and much more. more info

Ceske Hrady  a unique music festival gradually held at five important Czech historic monuments in various regions in the Czech Republic. The festival is traditionally held during the Summer holiday weekends and presents rock and pop concerts. This year three Moravian castles will join the five Bohemian castles, and the festival will continue in Moravia under the title of MoravskĂ© hrady. more info

There are many more events and festivals. To find out more, you can click here

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