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Geographical area is composed of mountainous areas. It is a beautiful country shaped like a boot, set in the Mediterranean and surrounded by two dominant islands Sicily and Sardinia and by about forty medium size and smaller islands of various sizes. A rare feature of Italy is that its natural boundaries, which are delineated by the alpine ridge and by the sea, are so clear-cut that its physical region corresponds almost entirely with its political territory. The physical region includes areas representing other nations, such as Vatican City, the Republic of San Marino, the Principality of Monaco, the Italian Swiss region, the areas of Nice and Corsica , the islands of Malta, the territory of the Giuliano and Istria, as well as a few of the peaks and valleys located along the alpine border that were ceded to France during the last territorial change.

Italy has twenty regions and those are divided into Provinces. A peculiar feature of Italy is its very large and very small cities that are spread out throughout the territory in a polycentric manner unknown to other European nations, each with its own very unique historical and cultural features.

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